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Branded Buzz: Sales advice for the second half of 2022

On our last Big Branded call, Consultant Peter Lamb offered some great advice for sales representatives to take and run with as we head into Q3. He wants everyone to remember that if you ask the right, clarifying questions to a client they will answer. The key is to get them talking, because if you're the one doing all the talking, you will lose!

When meeting with clients, Lamb recommends asking them what their focus is for the second half of the year.

"Whether they say increasing new customers or increasing the spend from existing customers, either way they answer you've now got a roadmap for what you do in the second half of the year," he said.

You can also turn the focus onto how you can do better as a sales rep by asking your clients how you're doing on their account and how you can better serve them. That will definitely get your client talking!

The best reps in the world are curious about their clients and their businesses, so Lamb recommends making a point of asking questions about new products and services, and even getting personal when it's appropriate.

"Really, really take a good look around the office and find something you haven't seen before, and say you know what, I've never seen that picture behind you. Where was that taken?" he said.

Finally, make sure you are talking about the importance of video and ways you can incorporate a video branded content strategy into your client's overall marketing plan.

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