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Branded Buzz: When is branded content the right solution for a client?

Branded content can work for most advertisers, but there are certain times when content marketing is the perfect fit. When you have a client who has a business with a high amount of information to explain or a good story to tell about their business, branded content is an excellent solution. If your client’s product involves a complex decision-making process, package up a branded content piece to their plan. Think of large purchases like homes, cars, or medical procedures.

Branded content also works well to introduce a new product or brand. And don’t forget about outside-the-box clients. Foster care companies, religious organizations, non-profit groups, and many others all have stories to tell that may not fit into a :30 spot or a display ad. Offer them an avenue to tell their story, educate the audience, provide solutions to problems.

In order to make sure you sell the right product, at the right time and to the right advertiser, you need to listen for the following keywords from that potential client. If you hear them use the words education, consideration, persuasion, research, or brand affinity, then branded content should be part of the solution you present to that advertiser.

We discovered that growing categories of advertisers include: health and medical, financial institutions, colleges and universities, museums and child care services. These are common advertising areas, but certainly branded content is a solution for many other categories of business.

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