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Branded Buzz: How much time you should spend prospecting

Exactly how much time should account executives spend prospecting each week? According to Peter Lamb, of Lamb Consulting, in order to successfully close deals on a regular basis, sellers should spend an hour a day prospecting for new clients. He lays down his advice in this week's Branded Buzz.

Lamb recommends paying attention to the kinds of businesses that are already visible in your community and are clearly dedicated to advertising. He also suggests attending business mixers to network (now that they're back on the calendar) and driving around a part of your city you may not be familiar with to add names to your list. It's also crucial to pay attention to your competition and those who are aligned with other media outlets.

"You do that an hour every single day, you will have a ton more in your pipeline," he said.

No matter how you find potential clients, make sure you're dedicated to building a large list to work from. Lamb says it's important to create a robust list, because even if you've got 30 prospects, you'll probably only have seven that will listen to you. Of those seven, four will tell you they're going in another direction and perhaps the three left will say yes.

To help get those last three over the finish line, Lamb says to make sure you have passion and confidence in what you're selling and clearly convey you've got the solution your prospective client needs.

"That's what customers want. When you're engaged, when you believe what you're saying, people want to hang with you and want to buy from you," Lamb said.

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