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Branded Buzz: Nailing your next cold call

In this Branded Buzz, we address one of the methods in which sales reps try to acquire new business: the cold call. Cold calling may not be your favorite way to earn new business, but it is a necessary part of the sales process.

Consultant Peter Lamb offers some advice on nailing the cold call, and most of it has to do with being clear, concise and memorable.

Before you pick up the phone, Lamb recommends practicing exactly what you're going to say to whoever answers the call. He takes things a step further by recommending you record your voice to better understand how you are potentially coming across to others. He says once you're on the line with a decision maker or gatekeeper, don't try to be someone you're not.

"Use your style, your personality, the way you talk," Lamb said. "Don’t talk like Peter or Gerald or Steve or Julia; talk like yourself naturally. You’ve gotta be memorable," he said.

Lamb likes to remind sales reps to always be quick, flexible and upfront with potential clients. After a quick introduction, thell them you're conducting a survey on behalf of your local media outlet and would like to know how Covid-19 has affected their business and what their marketing goals are for the year. Also tell them you'll only need three or four minutes of their time.

If the client talks longer, let them - but remind them when it's been four minutes so you remain true to your word.

"It’s been four minutes, should we continue or should we re-schedule? Once they keep talking, you have them," Lamb said.

If you can make fun of yourself, offer a funny adage or interesting statistic about their industry or your publication, include that in your discussion. Let them know that you will be following up with recommendations from your team of experts. Lamb says this is a sure way to be memorable and stand out among the rest of the salespeople in contact with them.

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