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Branded Buzz: Climb the LADDER

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In this week's Branded Buzz, we get golden advice from Peter Lamb, president of Lamb Consulting who explained why sales representatives need to think of climbing a ladder every time they go out on a sales call. Of course we're not speaking of physically climbing a ladder, but the acronym L.A.D.D.E.R. which stands for:

L - Look your client in the eye

A - Ask questions

D - Do not interrupt

D - Do not change the subject

E - Empathize

R - Respond

You always want to maintain eye contact with your client, even if you're not truly face to face settling for a zoom call.

The best sales reps have an arsenal of great questions ready to ask their clients, and they don't have to do with whatever you're selling. You must find out exactly what their marketing goals are and how you can provide a solution to their advertising challenges.

"Don't go in with a proposal and say we have the best thing for you since sliced bread," Lamb said. "Ask a bunch of questions first."

Lamb says the following questions always should be asked when proposing a branded content sale because they get to the heart of the client.

  1. What charities and causes do you or your organization subscribe to?

  2. Which companies in your industry do you admire?

  3. How have you changed your branding message for the rest of the year and what is your message for 2023?

  4. What motivated you to start in this business?

Lamb says most sales reps get tripped up on the two Ds, so it's important to prepare yourself to do most of the listening when on sales calls. Never interrupt your client and always allow them to continue talking about whatever subject they're on.

"You change the subject, you're done. Let them finish," Lamb said. "The rule of thumb is as long as your customer is talking, you don't care what they're talking about, they like you and they'll buy from you."

Empathizing with your client is going to make them trust you and will show that you understand what their challenges are.

When your client asks you a question you don't have the answer for, Lamb recommends telling them you'll find out and get back to them in a timely matter. Whatever you do, don't lie because they will be able to tell and it will ruin the sale.

Climbing the L.A.D.D.E.R. is a great sales strategy that will take an average rep to an extraordinary one!

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