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Branded Buzz: Finish the Content Marketing Sales Year Strong

In this week's Branded Buzz, we offer sage advice from three big players in digital advertising about ending the year strong in branded content sales. Now is also the time to secure crucial Q4 revenue and help set yourself up for success in the upcoming year.

Remember, always go for annual contracts when selling branded content. You'll benefit from the recurring revenue - and your advertisers will get the most brand awareness and audience engagement from a year-long commitment.

The three strategies that may help you close Q4 branded content series deals include:

  • Create a sense of urgency. In addition to encouraging your sellers to get on the ball, your sellers need to let their clients know that they need an answer as soon as possible, because there are other potential advertisers ready to participate.

  • Use a firm series launch date. Tell your clients that the travel series, or home series, or whatever custom series you come up with is launching on a specific date - whether or not there is a sponsor. This also helps the client feel they need to make a decision quickly to participate.

  • Create mockups. Advertisers need to see how their branding will look in the sponsorship experience. Create a page for them with custom mockups so they understand how everything will work.

Check back next week with a more in-depth blog post featuring Jacobi, Downs and Stead from our August Big Branded Call.

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