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Win more sales with upcoming video-focused sales bootcamp

Having an effective video marketing strategy as a local news organization is absolutely critical. We are here to help you create new streams of revenue through branded content opportunities, and to educate the industry on all that we've learned.

We are thrilled to be hosting a video-focused branded content sales bootcamp in Q4 that will offer great examples of effective video marketing campaigns from a variety of media organizations and the tools that will help you elevate your video sales strategy!

Beginning Thursday, October 20th, our sales bootcamp will consist of four weeks of hour-long group calls with all participants. It is free (thanks to funding from Local Media Consortium, Local Media Association and Meta Journalism Project) and open to anyone in the industry who is interested in joining.

We will focus on video, but will also offer one-on-one sales support and consulting, access to turnkey sales products, the Branded Badge Certificate Program, and a great opportunity to network and brainstorm with other local media organizations on what is currently working, how to overcome common challenges and more. Sign up below!


The Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Facebook Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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