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Creative sponsored content ideas & products for local advertisers

Updated: Apr 17

Brands want to stand out. We want to help you sell local advertisers effective sponsored content which will help them accomplish their brand marketing goals. Recently, on the Big Branded Call, we highlighted our current sales products and offered new ideas that sellers can pitch to clients now.

Custom content is always an incredible place to start because it connects with audiences by providing relevant, educational and engaging information they want to consume. It also puts them in the position as an expert in their industry, leading to positive brand recognition.

"Where we're seeing a need in the industry and in the market is those mid to small sized businesses that want to tell their story," said Jarrett Shaffer, owner of Vuepoint Advertising.

Business profiles are an effective way to create custom content for a local advertiser wanting to highlight their story. This content strategy can be tailored to elevate small businesses across all your platforms. By crafting engaging narratives showcasing the unique stories behind these businesses, you'll captivate audiences, foster meaningful connections, and build recurring revenue.

Ask your local advertisers why they got into their business, what makes them unique, their passions, and what drives them to provide the services or products they offer. By asking thoughtful, clarifying questions, you can craft an interesting business profile that will resonate with audiences. Then break that into several pieces of content that can elevate the advertiser's story over time, and lead to recurring revenue for your media organization.

Another great way to position your advertisers as experts in their fields is by selling a tip of the month sponsorship. This type of content is also tailored for your audience. Consumers can receive a curated selection of expert tips delivered right to their inbox each month.

From mouthwatering tailgate recipes that elevate game day gatherings to invaluable health insights that promote well-being and longevity, and savvy money management advice that ensures financial security, these tips cover a wide array of topics designed to enrich your audiences’s life. Reach out to us to brainstorm ideas for prospective clients!

The Branded Content Project with Vuepoint Advertising offers custom articles for $375 per one standard article (discounts available for large orders). We can also provide social posts and boosted posts for an additional investment.

Custom content has a place in a variety of platforms. In addition to a special spotlight piece featuring a business profile or tip of the month, custom content can be infused in all kinds of mediums. We can help provide custom content for client blogs and websites, newsletters and special sections.

Shaffer emphasizes that it's crucial to position yourself as the expert when talking to advertisers who know they need to be promoting their brand, but aren't sure of the best pathway to success, especially when AI is a hot topic.

"I think a lot of people in the marketing world are looking for a quick fix, but people understand the value of long term content," Shaffer said.

Need a turnkey option that is ready to pitch now? Our ten turnkey branded content lifestyle series are designed for publisher partners and retailed to brand clients as exclusive sponsor opportunities. The weekly articles fall into four content categories within each series designed to meet the needs of advertisers while also engaging audiences. 

Each series includes four (or five) weekly long-form articles per month, high-quality photos, a sales presentation deck, content brief and email prospecting template for $500 a month. Using our lifestyle series is a wonderful way to get a feel for branded content. Local advertisers that align with the verticals (Active Aging, Women's Wellness, Mind Matters, etc.) through a sponsorship take ownership of the content while receiving brand awareness and positioning themselves as experts in their field.

We know that video is what consumers want, and advertisers are looking for ways to deliver. You’re in the perfect position to create, distribute and monetize video content as a local media professional. Our text series can all be converted to short-form videos. We have several video series at the ready for sponsorship. We love working with and their very cool and easy-to-use platform.

We also have six lifestyle video series that produce one 30-second video per week.They are: Healthy Habits, Legalese Please, Money Matters, Schooled, Tech Time, and The Listing. These turnkey series can be sponsored by local advertisers in your market. The cost of the series are very affordable at $300 per month.

The Branded Content Project offers comprehensive end-to-end campaign management solutions, streamlining the entire process from conceptualization to execution. From crafting tailored content strategies to overseeing implementation and analysis, our team ensures seamless coordination and optimal performance, providing clients with support throughout their branded content journey. Let us know how we can assist you and help bring new, recurring revenue to your organization!

Don't forget about our Branded Content Sales Workshop on Wed., Apr 24th at 1 p.m. EST. Details here. Sign up here!


The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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