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Healthcare advertisers to target for branded content sponsorships this month

Dear Partners:

It’s one of the fastest-growing industries globally, with spending expected to reach over $10 trillion by 2022. That’s right! Healthcare is the name of the game this first quarter. And there are ample opportunities to leverage The Meta Branded Content Project’s articles to capitalize on the 70% of healthcare marketing executives who say content marketing is part of their organization’s strategy.

In fact, you can take advantage of the content in three of The Meta Branded Content Project’s series:

  • Active Aging

  • Healthy Living

  • Women’s Wellness

Active Aging aims to deliver content around seniors who seek a healthy lifestyle. March’s topics include improving well-being through journaling, low-impact exercises and how to properly read a nutrition label.

That’s precisely the kind of content the marketing executives leading prospective sponsors like retirement communities, assisted living facilities, hearing and medical device providers and hospitals are looking for!

Women’s Wellness is another prime candidate in the healthcare industry. With March topics focused on fitness warm-up and cool-down moves, foods that fight bloating, nighttime skincare tips and bedtime relaxation techniques, there’s so much available. You can bring those topics to hospitals, health and fitness providers and all those beauty brands on your list!

Healthy Living is an obvious choice for all the sponsors mentioned above, plus grocery stores and brands. Its March content includes healthy recipe roundups and guides to in-season vegetables. Plus, coming in April: Two new content themes—fitness tips and tricks and mental wellness!

And, of course, there’s plenty of additional content covering any sponsor you’re ready to pitch. Some of my favorites across each of our additional seven series for March include:

  • 6 Cannabis Causes You Can Donate to Make an Impact (Cannabis Weekly)

  • How to Extend Your Vehicle’s Life: 5 Simple Tips (Car Care)

  • Ready To Buy A Home? What You Should Know About Mortgages (Finances FYI)

  • Declutter Your Life and Help the Planet with This Guide to Minimalism (Go Green)

  • Free Your Garden and Houseplants from Bugs with These Tips (Home Sweet Home)

  • Ignite Their Love of Reading with These Ebook Sites and Apps (Parenting Today)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning (The Entertainer)

The sky’s the limit with potential advertisers looking to get behind this content. The main thing to remember is that The Meta Branded Content Project delivers premium, engaging content that connects sponsors to the consumers they are trying to reach.

In addition, the Custom Content option allows sponsors to create articles that directly align with their initiatives. Simply visit the DML Marketplace to download the Custom Content brief and learn how you can use it as another tool in your sales belt to close the deal.

In the meantime, the Meta Branded Content Project team is always on standby to support you. We’re psyched to see how far we can take things in 2022!

Happy selling!

Caitlin Hendee

Director of Editorial The Meta Branded Content Project

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