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Ten steps and four weeks to new revenue: The Branded Content Playbook

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Whether you have an established branded content studio or are just getting started - The Branded Content Project offers a unique and turnkey solution to help any local media organization add new advertising dollars.

The Branded Content Project has created an easy-to-follow playbook designed to provide any media company with a clear step-by-step plan to launch a sustainable, profitable content marketing strategy for your organization. This program was created to help you begin selling and generating revenue and profit quickly.

This playbook creates a four-week launch schedule, taking you from an introduction to your team on day one to booked revenue and secured campaigns by week four.

Two notes before we jump in. We will have the playbook available and walk you through the steps live this week!

  1. To view the full playbook and create your action plan click here - THE BRANDED CONTENT PLAYBOOK

  2. Join us on Thursday, March 25th at 2ET for a webinar where we walk you through the process and playbook. REGISTER NOW

First up, we need to build a brand studio! It may sound difficult but we're breaking it down into 10 steps and we're here to help with every single one.

Steps one and two will help you determine your name and your mission. Select a name that builds off a brand you already have in place. Great examples would be to incorporate your media company name or your digital marketing services arm into your new studio name.

Next, let's decide your mission. What do you stand for? How will you help your clients with their content marketing goals? Your team must answer these questions so everyone has the same expectations for your branded content strategy.

Step three involves what we are selling and your company's potential revenue opportunity.

Peeking at the products we have ten foundational weekly series available for you. Learn more about the target audiences, advertisers and assets here.

And watch this quick walk-through of all our products.

When you realize how much revenue you can generate, everyone involved gets excited. We've created this opportunity calculator here which lets you add in expenses and set sales goals.

You may also wonder, what else can we add in, or are their other products available to complement or advance our content marketing plans? We have lots of options, including turnkey video and cause marketing products here.

The next topic to tackle, how do we price content series? We consider exclusive sponsorships to be high-quality campaigns. We recommend one of two options listed below depending on your media outlet's size and market: a CPM model or a share-of-voice model.

Let's talk placement! Deciding where your series and collections will run will help your clients visualize the opportunity and see themselves as a good fit. Find a spot with high traffic and give your client ownership of the position. Remember, best practice is always to show mock-ups and examples in every client presentation.

Want to see a live walk-through of the collection experience? Watch the video below or click the pic above!

Time to build out your pitch deck! Each one of our lifestyle series has their own designated sales decks which are ready for customization. We lay the groundwork, you fill in the details that make sense for your media outlet and program.

Who's the best fit for an exclusive opportunity like a branded content series sponsorship? Our media partners have found success selling exclusive sponsorships to clients they already have established, trusted relationships with. We recommend reaching out to advertisers who have a story to tell, who want to inform and educate the public and who have positioned themselves as thought-leaders in the community.

Training comes in two forms: concept training and product training. Get your management team on board first, then roll out training options to the team.

Concept training should be completed before product training. The Branded Content Project has created a video certificate program built for high-level education and excitement building. You need one hour to complete the training so grab a cup of coffee and jump into the link below to get your #brandedbadge.

Now comes the fun part! Let's get this amazing opportunity in the hands of your sales team! This is where we move quickly from ideas to action. The bullet points in the graphic below will guide you through the elements needed for success.

It's go time! Let's get selling. We have a role play video ready for your team. Hear exactly how to pitch and present to your next client from our team.

Remember, we have a team in place to help you with implementation and best practices. We have trained teams and launched these series in dozens of markets and you can be next. Check out our recent publisher success stories!

To start your new revenue stream, you need to get access our products in The Storefront. Watch the short demo below to better understand the products, platform and assets available.

Email or to get started on your four-week path to new revenue!

Time to get started on a path to new advertisers and new revenue. Let our team help!

To view the full playbook and create your action plan click here - THE BRANDED CONTENT PLAYBOOK


The Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Facebook Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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