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The Storyteller Solution: A webinar and turnkey sales opportunity for your company

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

As a local media outlet, you know the power of your audience is what will help advertisers get their message across. To emphasize this, advertisers need to be reminded why they must be using local newspaper, television and radio to attract and retain new customers.

The Branded Content Project is partnering with Editor & Publisher and The Blinder Group to launch a unique program for media companies focused on offering branded content solutions for advertisers. The Storyteller Solution produces instant ad revenue by providing sales team training and advertiser acquisition via virtual business webinars, led by Mike Blinder, that will showcase the power of storytelling and the effectiveness of content marketing strategies.

Recently, Oregon's Pamplin Media Group took advantage of The Storyteller Solution by inviting dozens of local advertisers to a virtual sales event in this format, and ended up generating new revenue, as well as dozens more qualified meetings.

We'll hear from Pamplin's Vice President Brian Monihan and Digital Sales Director Shelli Lundgren during a free, 1-hour webinar on August 25th at 1 ET, hosted by Editor & Publisher and The Branded Content Project. Register here!

Attendees will gain real-world examples that will show how local news publishers can generate new revenue through what they do best: Storytelling and helping local businesses grow. Panelists, who also include Branded Content Project General Manager Julia Campbell and Editor & Publisher's Mike Blinder, will also discuss why branded content programs are one of the most effective solutions to offer locally today, and what training is needed to effectively sell these campaigns.

The Storyteller Solution will quickly enable your reps to create content opportunities and develop long-term marketing solutions that will benefit your audience and advertisers, while generating long-term, sustainable revenue for your media outlet.

The plan will incorporate areas: sales program development, assistance with crafting 90-day to full-year packages, sales collateral development, sales team training, a customized lead management platform, marketing assistance, and storytelling workshops conducted by the dynamic Mike Blinder. Powerful virtual presentations, and unique messaging with education to the value of storytelling and offer creative options for your clients.

We will work with your team to create packages that include audience products, custom content and creative options built for your market. Storytelling Solution Deployment will be an engaging and effective event created to grow new revenue within a few weeks of launch.

The Storyteller Solution will quickly enable your reps to create content opportunities and develop long-term marketing solutions that will benefit your audience and advertisers.

Let's get started! Email and we'll get you on the schedule right away!


The Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Facebook Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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