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Learn the magic behind cause marketing platform FWD>DFW on the next Big Branded Call

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

The message behind a brand is more important than ever. The Dallas Morning News understood this when it created FWD>DFW, an online forum that connects companies, causes and the community to issues that impact economic advancement of North Texas.

This month on the Big Branded Call, the Branded Content Project welcomes Gillian Breidenbach, Chief Community Officer, Medium Giant and Natalie Yancy, Chief Sales Officer at Medium Giant to talk about launching a successful cause marketing strategy. Medium Giant, formerly known as Belo Media Group, created the highly successful FWD>DFW, which is powered by The Dallas Morning News.

We'll be talking about cause marketing as an effective way to build genuine connections with audiences and advertisers because it aligns brand values with the social causes that are important to any community. Gillian and Natalie will showcase how FWD>DFW was built and what makes it so effective for the organization.

Don't miss this highly anticipated call on Wednesday, October 18th at 1 p.m. EST. Register below!


The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Meta Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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