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Publishers working with Meta BCP generate $50M; details in our 2021 Impact Report

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Meta Branded Content Project is thrilled to share the impact our programs have made on the local media industry since its inception three years ago, and most recently in 2021.

Over the past three years, The Meta Branded Content Project helped publishers generate more than $50 million with their branded content programs, training, guidance and support. In 2021, an additional $3.75 million was generated for local media outlets that used our no cost or low cost custom content series. We've been able to provide turnkey lifestyle series, training, and sales support thanks to generous support from the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium.

"In early 2021, we were introduced to Branded Content. The concept was the answer to our digital advertising dilemma. Not only did we learn what the product was, but how to sell it and how much to sell it for. Now we have a product. With our first Branded Content sale, we realized digital advertising would work and it would meet our goal with the potential of surpassing it," said Gerald Johnson, of the Charlotte Post.

Other achievements include:

  • 500+ individuals have completed the Branded Badge sales certificate training program

  • More than 100 media companies have been involved in training, bootcamps, sales products and cohort groups

  • More than 100 industry events, corporate webinars, group trainings, articles, video explainers and market level coaching conducted

"Through our participation in the Meta Branded Content Project, we have been able to expand our branded content portfolio. Within the last year, we have doubled our partners and doubled revenue. This program has also made us more confident about offering this product to a range of advertisers across diverse industries," said Al DIA's Martin Alfaro.

What's next?

  • Quarterly branded content sales bootcamps

  • New advertiser research study

  • Expanded sales and campaign products

  • Custom content creation and support

  • New sales certificate tracks

  • Expanded industry training and workshops

  • Individual team training and support

We would like to thank all our supporters, cohort groups, industry experts and partners who have helped buiid and grow opportunities for local media companies to secure new revenue through branded content. Those responsible for concept and coordination of our training, products and support share in the success we see today.

Thank you to our founders at the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium.

Many thanks to the strategists and creators, especially Distributed Media Lab, who help our sales and content teams each day.

Finally, we thank the media companies who share with each other to enable others to get better, faster and stronger.

We appreciate you.

Your Meta Branded Content Project Team

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