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Pamplin Media Group generates $210,000 after The Storyteller Solution from TBCP and E&P Magazine

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

As a local media outlet, you know the power of your audience is what will help advertisers get their message across. But sometimes, advertisers need to be reminded why they could be using local newspapers, television and radio stations to retain and attract new customers.

Recently, Pamplin Media Group took advantage of The Storyteller Solution, a joint partnership between The Branded Content Project and E&P Magazine, that helps media companies educate local advertisers in their markets on the importance of content marketing to bring in new revenue. After hosting a Storyteller Solution virtual event in August, Pamplin Media Group, a Portland, OR area newspaper group, generated $210,000 in new revenue in just a few weeks.

The Storyteller Solution produces instant ad revenue by providing sales team training and advertiser acquisition via virtual business webinars, led by Mike Blinder, of Editor & Publisher Magazine, that showcase the power of storytelling and the effectiveness of content marketing strategies with examples and up-to-date statistics.

“We told our reps for the next two months we’re really gonna be dedicated to getting these meetings and focus on selling these yearly programs that utilize all our media to help them be successful. So it was a great springboard for us," said Brian Monihan, Vice President of Pamplin Media Group.

Pamplin's Amazing Kids sponsored series is popular among local advertisers.

Pamplin was able to close business with existing clients and new clients, by selling not only content marketing, but traditional print and digital advertising too. It's the perfect opportunity to reach out to local advertisers and offer solutions that will help them reach their marketing goals.

"It's always validating to be able to say you were bringing in a national expert to offer tips and I think it helps position ourselves to say, ‘hey we're helping local businesses as we come out of this Covid situation’,” Monihan said.

The Storyteller Solution provides the expertise, as well as the promotional materials and takes care of the registration process for the media company. Reps just need to invite their clients and prospects to the one-time, 45 minute virtual event. It’s a simple process that is effective and worthwhile, with very little overhead. The Storyteller Solution is available for only $1495.

Pamplin's INSIDERS series positions local advertisers as experts in their industry.

A recent introductory webinar highlighted recent statistics showing the strong push for local advertisers to use content marketing and introduced The Storyteller Solution to the industry. Monihan spoke about how Pamplin was able to generate leads and a significant number of new advertiser appointments because of the event. Blinder says it's a process that can work well for any local media outlet.

“There is no question that local businesses have a strong appetite now for content marketing solutions. The challenge we see within the news publishing industry is getting in front of the decision-makers in each market," Blinder said. "The on-boarding process we developed for The Storyteller Solution program is now proven to break down these barriers, so these critical meetings can take place.”

The plan will incorporate the following areas: sales program development, assistance with crafting 90-day to full-year packages, sales collateral development, sales team training, a customized lead management platform, marketing assistance, and storytelling workshops conducted by the dynamic Mike Blinder. Powerful virtual presentations, and unique messaging with education to the value of storytelling and offer creative options for your clients.

"We are excited to be offering The Storyteller Solution to local media companies," said The Branded Content Project General Manager Julia Campbell. "This is a proven, effective way to generate qualified sales leads that result in new, recurring business for media outlets."

We will work with your team to create packages that include audience products, custom content and creative options built for your market. The Storytelling Solution deployment will be an engaging and effective event created to grow new revenue within a few weeks of launch, benefitting your audience and advertisers.

Let's get started! Email and we'll get you on the schedule right away!


The Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Facebook Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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