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Missed the healthcare sales bootcamp? Catch up here!

We've recently wrapped up our latest sales bootcamp targeting the highly lucrative healthcare industry. Missed out? Don't worry! We've got five videos that you can access at any time to get up to speed and on your way to new branded content revenue for your local media outlet.

Our free training includes expert advice from industry thought-leaders, access to turnkey sales products designed to align brands with highly engaging content, and an amazing opportunity to network with other local media professionals. Read on to see what was discussed during the weekly calls and key takeaways that you can use today.

During our first call, we spent a substantial amount of time discussing why healthcare is an ideal industry to target for content marketing. There are so many opportunities for healthcare clients to use branded content as a way to educate and inform the public. We also went over the basics of beginning your branded content strategy.


We also discussed the health-related lifestyle series that the Meta Branded Content Project currently provides: Active Aging, Women's Wellness and Healthy Living. These turnkey sales products include weekly long-form lifestyle articles and are a great option for health advertisers looking to align their brands with engaging content on your sites.



This week's assignment was to pick a product, which could be one of our series or one of the publishers' own, and come up with a list of 10 prospective clients to pitch to and enter the information into our SCORECARD.

In week 2 of the bootcamp, we began discussions on how to price and package our series and asked participants to start building a prospecting list.

In addition, Consultant Peter Lamb gave bootcampers some excellent nuggets of sales advice, including his fantastic "LADDER" concept, which includes this nugget of info:

"Let them talk. We don't care about what they're talking about, but don't interrupt, don't change the subject," Lamb said.

He also gave great advice about the art of questioning, why you should take a Happy Meal on your next sales call, and what makes your value proposition so appealing to local advertisers.

All of the links we promised during the call are listed here:


This week's assignment was to share current packages and pricing models for branded content that outlets are using or will be and enter the information into our SCORECARD.

Week 3 was all about the perfect pitch! We gave lots of examples of sponsorship proposals that could be individually customized, and heard from the folks at DML about best practices with pricing and how to make sure you are getting a robust margin.

"Typically your margins are gonna be 80 percent or 90 percent, there is a lot of money there," said Jarrett Schaffer of DML. "Once you start talking about the content, especially if they have content you're gonna utilize or we're gonna build custom content for them, that's where it really gets fun," he said.

Adding custom content to a sponsored content package allows you to charge at a premium and gives your clients something truly unique. Peter Lamb told the crowd that whatever your gut tells you to charge, always double or triple it!

We also promised the following tools available to sales reps now:


We asked participants to continue sharing packaging details into the SCORECARD, and those who already did were asked to begin building sales decks.

What are some of the common objections and how do we overcome them? That's what was tackled in week 4 of the sales bootcamp. In addition to answering these questions, we also did a sales call role play.

Common objections (watch the video call for our expert advice):

  • Can I test this for a month?

  • How many leads will I get in 3 months?

  • Who is creating the content?

  • Can I incorporate our content into the plan?

  • Are you still using print?

  • What is the value for my business?


This week's homework was to build a presentation deck and show it off in the SCORECARD.

So we've tackled the basics of branded content, pricing, packaging and prospecting, sales role playing and overcoming objections. So are we done? Not a chance! Just like the Hotel California, once you check in with the Meta Branded Content Project, you can never leave! We're here to help you wherever you are in the branded content sales strategy & process.

We heard from several of our amazing publishers who shared their branded content strategies, challenges they face, and who they plan to target.


Go out and sell some amazing branded content and report back when you do!

On our fun graduation day call, we heard from several publishers who shared what they learned during the bootcamp:

"This resource that you're bringing to us allows us to now play in a bigger arena as a small print media publication," said Paris Brown of The Baltimore Times.

David Gould of Main Street Media of Tennessee said he learned how important it is for sales people to have tools at their disposal to show creative mockups digitally to clients. He was inspired to buy iPads for sales reps.

"I'm grateful for that ah-ha moment on that call and we had to do something different to make sure our sales people can clearly show our advertising. You can explain it to people but you've really gotta see it," he said.

Kevin McCabe of Tribune Media was impressed with Peter's happy meal sales advice, which is suggests sales reps package up branded content campaigns similarly to the happy meal to bring value to the consumer, or in this case, advertiser.

"I love the thought process there. Put in the elements that the vast majority of people are going to see the value," he said.

Looking for help or have an idea? Find us any time at


The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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