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Huge revenue potential in upcoming branded content sales bootcamps; sign up!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The Meta Branded Content Project is thrilled to be continuing our Branded Content Sales Bootcamps into 2022. We're currently seeking applicants from local media companies who would like to grow their branded content initiatives and create new, recurring revenue, while collaborating with other publications and helping the industry at large. The project recently wrapped up a very successful bootcamp that generated more than $2M in new revenue for publishers that participated.

Our first sales bootcamp of 2022 will kick off in the end of January and focus on healthcare-related clients, followed by a cannabis-focused bootcamp in February.

Those that participate will have access to state-of-the-art sales training to launch new content marketing products that includes audience sales products and specialized training on closing sales with advertiser partners. They'll also have access to full-time project managers, experts from Meta Branded Content Project and Distributed Media Lab, as well as past participants whose experience will be invaluable.

We'll work with your team's sales reps and leaders on weekly calls and coach them on packaging pricing, prospecting, product presentations and sales collateral so they feel confident to close deals and develop a successful and long-lasting branded content initiative.

For our January sales bootcamp, participants will have access to three turnkey product choices: Active Aging, Healthy Living and Women's Wellness. Teams can also use their own sales products and initiatives. The Meta Branded Content Project will prepare industry communication showing progress including sharing project revenue, metrics, collateral and results.

In addition to the weekly group calls, teams can schedule one-on-one calls with project organizers for more individualized support. They'll also have access to our free branded badge certificate program.

Interested? Please fill out this contact form and we will be in touch shortly! Questions? Reach out to or


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