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Hot content to pitch to local sponsors this summer

Summer is one of the busiest spending seasons. Americans spend more during the summer than both the spring and fall, and many will be looking to enjoy the post-COVID freedoms 2022 is sure to bring.

According to, in the summer, Americans tend to spend on things like:

  • Home upgrades

  • Food and dining

  • At-home activities

  • Travel

The current inflation rate, at its highest since 1981, may cause spending to slow in summer 2022. That means offering brands the opportunity to sponsor high-quality, engaging content that sets them apart from competitors is more important now than ever.

The Meta Branded Content is dedicated to doing just that, with articles across all 10 of our premium series aimed at capturing consumers’ attention and spending dollars.

Topics in our Home Sweet Home series for July and August include pinpointing air conditioner issues, storage ideas to organize your garage, outdoor patio revamping tips, garden hacks and sprinkler project guides. This is the kind of engaging content you should bring to your local HVAC companies, home improvement stores, decor retailers and utility providers as a unique sponsorship opportunity.

Our Active Aging, Healthy Living, Parenting Today and Women’s Wellness series deliver content for consumers looking to spend a bit thriftier but still enjoy summer food and recipes. July and August article topics include easy summer-themed dinners, fruit-filled breakfasts, summer salads, grill recipes and even creative ways to enjoy that summer fruit staple: watermelon. Potential sponsors include retirement facilities, big-box retailers, supermarkets and hospitals.

Many Americans may cut leisure spending and enjoy their summer months at home. Many of our series include July and August content that capture those audiences. For example, Active Aging—perfect for assisted living facilities, gyms, wellness centers and medical centers—has articles focused on part-time jobs for retirees and brain games for seniors to stay sharp. Car Care’s DIY guides for testing car batteries and how to flush brake fluid and its content focused on when to buy a new vehicle and how to do research before purchasing a used car are just the thing for dealerships and mechanics to get behind.

And, of course, travel is top of mind for many as the world continues to open following years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our new Travel Time series captures that audience perfectly, with content that includes epic U.S. road trips, cheapest booking sites and best airline reward programs. It’s perfect for presenting to local travel agencies, airports, airlines, rental car dealers, hotels, you name it.

Finally, there is no better time than the present to go to local banks, credit unions, financial institutions and credit card companies. With rising prices on everyone’s minds, content focused on saving for a new home, saving on things like cell phone bills, getting out of debt and what investments to make is sure to perform well. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Finances FYI.

It’s essential to consider which sponsors you should add to your prospecting list for summer selling now. We’re here to help with a wide array of support materials, including:

  • Content Calendars

  • Email Scripts

  • Sales Decks

  • Custom Content Briefs

Browse all Meta Branded Content Project series in the Distributed Media Lab Marketplace and start today!

Happy selling!

Caitlin Hendee

Director of Editorial The Meta Branded Content Project

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