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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Q: Why are the CORE series free?

A: Thanks to a generous grant from The Facebook Journalism Project as well as funds from the Local Media Consortium and Local Media Association, The Branded Content Project is able to offer the CORE series free of charge until 2022. It is part of our mission to help local media organizations increase their revenue through high quality, sustainable branded content opportunities.

Q: What’s in a series?

A: Each series includes weekly articles which have been planned and vetted by a dedicated content coordinator and seasoned broadcast and print digital sales executive. The weekly articles fall into four content categories within each series designed to meet the needs of advertisers while also engaging audiences. Each article includes accompanying licensed stock photos or visual elements to help tell the story and increase audience engagement. All materials needed to start presenting ideas to clients are available at no cost. Sales decks, product explainers, scripts, sizzle reels, promotional elements and content examples are ready when you are! Every product launches with a training seminar designed to walk account executives through best practices in packaging, common objections and talking points with advertisers.

Q: How do you incorporate the sponsor into the content? Can sponsors run the content on their websites?

A: Sponsor byline, banner ad and logos accompany the articles. If you are self serving the content, you can customize the articles with sponsor quotes and links back to client sites. This is a good way to position your client as an expert in their industry. Some clients may also want to run the articles on their sites, which is encouraged. Stock photos provided may only be used for the original purpose.

Q: Can I use my own images with the content series?

A: Absolutely! While our content series are turnkey and include Getty images that can be used digitally, we encourage outlets to use photos that best represent their unique audiences if they so desire. If your distribution method is through your own CMS or native ad server, you can easily change photos. However, if your distribution method is by managed service, the photos will be automatically updated.

Q: Is video included with the articles?

A: Our CORE series do not currently include video, but we offer custom options and will be rolling out new products with video in January of 2021. We would love to work with you on a custom product that fulfills your unique needs today!

Q: I’m looking for something unique that I don’t see on the storefront, are there other options available?

A: Yes! In addition to our On Demand and Premium Content Series launching in January 2021, we can design a custom series that is perfect for your market, audience and clientele.

Q: My client is asking for additional assets to be included in their sponsorship. What do you suggest?

A: The use of creative services can help your project come to life and take off for your client. We can help you boost value to your clients through custom articles, video & audio, quizzes, infographics, photo galleries and social media campaigns.

Q: What kind of training and education do you provide to sales teams?

A: In addition to the specific product training seminars, The Branded Content Project is launching The Branded Content Certificate Program in December of 2020. This platform educates and positions sellers for success through an online video training curriculum. Participants will earn Branded Badges along the way, culminating in a sales certificate. We also host monthly group training sessions focused on the latest trends in branded content sales and provide quarterly workshops built to empower and educate content, marketing and sales teams. We’re ready to schedule one-on-one calls and team meetings at your convenience. Finally, immersive branded content education experiences bring the biggest names in branded content to your teams.

Q: Are there marketing materials available?

A: Yes! In addition to the content articles, sales tools, education and training, we have sizzle reels and social media graphics available for you to customize for your sponsors.

Q: Do products contain market exclusivity?

A: Because we’re offering our CORE content series (Active Aging, Home Sweet Home, Women’s Wellness and Holiday Entertainer) free to LMC/LMA members, unfortunately we cannot guarantee market exclusivity. Just as news outlets post the same breaking news stories successfully, we believe all markets can sell these series by leveraging their own unique audiences offering high engagement and value to their sponsors. We will be launching market exclusive products and can work with media outlets to customize.

Q: I have a successful branded content series already, and am interested in scaling it across other markets. What options can you provide?

A: In addition to the products we have created, The Branded Content Project storefront is the perfect platform for our publishing partners to share their content so it can be made available throughout the industry. Contact us for details.

Q: What are the credentials of the content writers?

A: Each series is assigned to a specialized writer with knowledge and background of the series topic. Health stories are assigned to health writing teams, finance to financial writers, and travel stories to travel experts. Each article is reviewed by a dedicated editor for grammar, readability, clarity and conciseness. Final review is conducted by our sales and audience expert for sellability and advertiser alignment.

Q: How often is content updated?

A: At all times, two months worth of content is available to be viewed, with the current month’s content available for download. One month’s worth of articles are uploaded on the 4th Monday of each month.

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

A: We are here to help and encourage you to reach out with questions and concerns. Your success is our success. General Manager Julia Campbell can be reached at: Julia@brandedcontentproject.com. Director of Strategy Liz Hayes can be reached at: Liz@brandedcontentproject.com.

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