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Branded Content Project partners with VOMO on cause marketing product

The Branded Content Project has partnered with VOMO, a leading technology provider in volunteer management, to activate local media outlets' engaged audiences into helpers, while giving publishers the return on investment on social impact.

Through a turnkey cause marketing solution that is tried and true, Your Cause Your Community is a white-labeled branded content platform that will help media organizations lead the way to positive change in their communities by connecting sponsors, non-profit organizations and volunteers. Your Cause Your Community will engage audiences to donate or volunteer to local nonprofits while showcasing local sponsors' philanthropic causes, making communities better and brighter.

"Ninety percent of consumers say they want companies to tell them how they are supporting causes and making a difference.* This is why we feel it's crucial for corporate responsibility to be part of your branded content initiative," said General Manager Julia Campbell.

Businesses are turning to corporate social responsibility to give back to their community, highlight what they're passionate about, and to build a positive image that connects with consumers. By using publishers' highly engaged audiences, Your Cause Your Community gives sponsors the platform they need to show what they care about.

Publisher partners will have the opportunity to customize their online community platform based on their needs. Media organizations participating will receive a select number of VOMO pro subscriptions to give to their favorite local nonprofits, providing them an engagement platform loaded with all the features they need to handle the day-to-day demands of volunteer management. Participants will also be provided with a custom volunteer widget to drive traffic to their volunteer hub prompting volunteers to sign up and organizations to register. More options include custom articles, additional non-profit subscriptions and users.

"My passion lies in mobilizing people for good. Our fractured society desperately needs it, our divided nation demands a change, and right now we have the opportunity to be part of the solution," said VOMO Founder Rob Peabody. "There is something so much bigger, and that something is found when we live for others," he said.

This is a perfect long-term opportunity for a handful of headline sponsors who understand that audiences want to know what causes they support.

We'll also provide publishers with a virtual volunteer coordinator, who will ensure relevant and timely volunteer projects are on the platform. Additional custom options include a microsite build and branded subdomain.

Rachel Watkins, senior marketing manager at Belo Media Group and The Dallas Morning News, knows first-hand that brands whose messaging is based on things that really matter are noticed by consumers. Watkins heads FWD>DFW, a forum that connects companies, causes and the community to issues that impact the short and long-term economic advancement of North Texas. The volunteerism arm of FWD>DFW is powered by VOMO. Together with The Dallas Morning News, FWD>DFW curates articles and information about education, wellness, community and the arts while offering ways readers can take action and help.

“Consumers expect businesses to invest in their community and beyond, making civically minded and socially responsible companies the ideal partners for branded content,” Watkins said.

Your Cause Your Community gives publishers the opportunity to empower a network of businesses and nonprofits in their own backyard to meet even the most complex of local needs.

The Branded Content Project, LMC, LMA and VOMO will host an informational webinar on 3/17 at 1ET. Register here. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to contact General Manager Julia Campbell at

*Cone Communications CSR Study


The Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Facebook Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

Fueling today's movement of volunteers to change the world, VOMO (Volunteer Mobilization) is powering a global volunteer movement by providing organizations with an engagement platform needed to discover and initiate local serving projects, connect to community causes, and measure the impact of volunteering.

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