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All of the video sales bootcamp sessions in one post!

The final Branded Content Project bootcamp of the year was a resounding success, featuring more than a dozen coaches who brought their A-game when it comes to video branded content sales strategy!

We've got a breakdown of all four weeks of sessions so if you missed the bootcamp, or want to review anything we learned, you can do so at your own pace and leisure right here!

More local advertisers are starting to see how crucial it is to include video in their marketing strategies, but there is a lot to consider before diving in. How much should a video cost to produce, and what is a fair price a media organization can charge a client for a video campaign? What type of video is appropriate and where will it be distributed and viewed?

Week 1's guest was Johnny Mo from Explore My Town, whose presentation included video trends, statistics and insights into the algorithms used by big social media networks.

We also heard from Liz and Caitlin about how to turn our ten lifestyle content series scripts into short videos.


Week 2 was full of useful information by two experts who know a lot about what makes a video exciting and successful for local advertisers. Apryl Pilolli, director of technology, Knight x LMA BloomLab and Guy Tasaka, managing director, Technology Resource Center, LMA, joined us to share their video strategies.

Apryl showed us what kinds of videos are the best performing on social media (short-form, vertical, funny), and Guy explained how NOT to do video (understand media math, learn to sell video first, do news videos last).


We were so happy to welcome Alex Clark O'Donnell, director of publisher relations, Lightswitch Video and Brian Albert, founder & CEO and Lauri Blaire Schulman, COO, both of VIDEOBOLT for Week 3 of the bootcamp.

Alex explained her process when assisting clients with video shoots, including planning and managing expectations. She went over video lingo to help reps sound like a pro and showed off very successful video campaigns that clients loved.

Brian and Lauri talked about how they build impressive scalable enterprise videos for news organizations. Their technology is simple to use and produces videos almost immediately for busy clients.


We wrapped up our video sales bootcamp with two of our favorite media members who have helped lend their expertise to the Branded Content Project many times, Nannette Fevola, Senior Director, Brand360 of Newsday Media Group, and Robin Gruen, Vice President, Brand Ave. Studios of Lee Enterprises.

Nannette and Robin both showed off their video advertising strategies, including pricing, production, distribution and revenue. They shared best practices and explained the different types of video that clients should use (brand, explainer, promotional, expert, internal).



The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Local Media Association, the Local Media Consortium, and the Facebook Journalism Project to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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