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Why advertisers love branded content

Ready to skyrocket your sales game? We have tools to help you dazzle your clients, position branded content as necessary for advertisers, and help your local news organization create sustainable revenue, all through the power of content marketing.

As a seller, do you find yourself in a constant battle of trying to explain the magic of branded content to local advertisers? We have a solution to make your job a whole lot easier. Our advertiser video series will help you engage with clients to rake in new revenue streams in content marketing.

Hear it straight from the horse's mouth with our advertiser testimonial video - a quick round-up of real client success stories from those who have embraced content marketing and never looked back. Your clients will hear firsthand accounts of how branded content transformed businesses just like theirs, leaving them ready to dive into content marketing (with your expertise, of course).

We also have a video giving an overview of branded content, in addition to a video on content marketing statistics.

We understand that your brand matters too, and that's why we have a second version of the videos without our logo. This means you can seamlessly integrate your news organization or content studio branding into the videos, positioning yourself as the expert.

Your advertisers may need a refresher on branded content, which is why it's your job as a sales executive to help them understand all of the benefits. Advertiser videos are a great start. If you need more knowledge on selling branded content, check out our Branded Badge Certificate Program - a free, quick online video platform that's designed to make you a branded content expert in about an hour. We also welcome you to join our monthly Big Branded calls and sales bootcamps for additional advice and support. Sign up for the Branded Buzz for upcoming events!

With our advertiser explainer videos, you can focus on what you do best - selling and providing tailored solutions for your clients. Our advertiser education videos can help you accomplish your goals.

Download our advertiser explainer videos, customize them as you see fit, and witness the magic of branded content unfold!


The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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