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Upcoming spring content for your local advertisers to sponsor

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Dear Partners:

When it comes to sponsors, it’s no secret that one of the most critical elements to success is looking ahead. That means that now is the time to think about what sponsors are looking for in April and May.

Thankfully, the Meta Branded Content Project has tons of exciting content and opportunities! We’re especially highlighting April and May content in the three healthcare-focused series as we continue to focus on that spend-heavy sector in our weekly boot camps.

Active Aging has incredible opportunities for those retirement and assisted living communities, hearing and medical device providers, and home service providers. Timely content includes things like activities for celebrating Earth Day and guides to visiting national parks. Topics also include things like exercises that alleviate knee pain, guides to restorative yoga, how to discover new books, and more.

The recent launch of two new categories for Healthy Living means two new opportunities to partner with a whole host of sponsors. They include those interested in content such as healthy recipe roundups for picnics and Meatless Mondays, how to clear your mind and let go of control to promote well-being, and tips for reaching daily step goals and working from home. The lengthy list of sponsors in this category include hospitals, grocery stores, wellness centers, gyms, CPG brands, and more.

Finally, the potential in the Women’s Wellness series rounds out our healthcare theme. Among the exciting upcoming content in April and May is mindfulness topics like how to slow down in life and the habits of happy, productive women, plus the best products for wrinkles and sensitive skin, which high-tech workout equipment is worth the money, and outdoor hobbies to shake up a fitness routine.

Outside of the healthcare-focused series, you can always leverage a wide variety of content, no matter what kind of sponsor you’re targeting. Highlights include:

  • Earth Day Celebrations for Kids and Mother’s Day Craft Ideas (Parenting Today)

  • Bathroom Color Trends and Steps to Making Your Yard Thrive (Home Sweet Home)

  • How Credit Monitoring Ensures Safety and Travel Insurance Worthiness (Finances FYI)

  • Dog Treat Recipes and Guide to Composting (Go Green)

  • Marijuana and Food Pairings and Strains That Grow Well Indoors (Cannabis Weekly)

Plus, Car Care has some very dealership-centric content headed your way, including questions to ask when buying a new car, what to do when your lease ends, what to look for in a pre-owned vehicle, and the differences between AWD and 4WD.

Whichever sponsor you’re aiming to nab come springtime, you can always count on The Meta Branded Content Project to deliver engaging, high-quality articles that connect advertisers with the customers they’re looking for. Get your client list ready and start reaching out today!

Happy selling!

Caitlin Hendee

Director of Editorial The Meta Branded Content Project

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