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Branded Content Project announces BIPOC cohort participants

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Thirty-three Black, Indigenous and people of color media outlets have been selected to participate in the Branded Content Project's Sales Bootcamp, offering the cohort group an opportunity to receive state-of-the-art sales training to help launch new content marketing products.

Participants will have access to free audience sales products and specialized training on closing advertiser partnerships. Full-time project managers, experts from the Local Media Association, Local Media Consortium, Facebook Journalism Project and past Project participants will serve as coaches and trainers to help publishers secure new revenue.

“The Branded Content Sales Bootcamp is designed to help publishers grow their initiatives with the help of expert training and go-to-market strategies,” said Peter Lamb, Bootcamp coach and a 30-year marketing veteran who has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies. “We look forward to working with this group of BIPOC publishers to help sharpen their content marketing experience and maximize their content in a way that is attractive to readers and advertisers.”

They'll also have access to the Branded Badge Certificate Program, a focused sales and editorial training curriculum designed to educate local news representatives on successfully implementing a branded content strategy.

The 24 week Bootcamp will consist of monthly group calls and one-on-one support from dedicated staff. The participants will also be featured in case studies showcasing the results from the program and are expected to provide bi-weekly progress updates.

"We are excited about participating in the Branded Content Bootcamp," said WURD Radio CEO, Sara Lomax-Reese. "Developing new revenue-generating products is absolutely essential in a market that is constricted by the economic realities of Covid-19. We are looking forward to learning from the program creators, coaches and the cohort."

“Our team is honored and grateful that a media company on a remote island in the Pacific has been afforded this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and develop sustainable strategies that deliver results for our clients and adds value to our readers. This training couldn’t have come at a better time as media publishers around the world recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and look for innovative ways to generate revenue, serve our clients, and engage our readers,” explained Mindy Aguon, CEO and editor-in-chief, The Guam Daily Post

The call for applications was announced in January and closed February 5 seeking groups whose primary audience identify as BIPOC. Applications were received from LMA and LMC members and non-members. The Branded Content Project Bootcamp includes the following publishers (listed in alphabetical order):

Al Día News

Amigos in Business - Nuestra Voz

Arabic Media Company LLC - Chicago In Arabic

Black Voice News


Corinth Communications, dba The Dallas Examiner

Current Media & Magazines

Dallas Weekly

El Clasificado

Florida Courier

Harlem World Magazine

Houston Defender Network


New Digital Press, LLC DBA Nuestro Estado

New York Amsterdam News

OTV | Open Television

Precinct Reporter Group


QCity Metro

Real Times Media

Sahan Journal

Sound Publishing

Substantial Media, LLC

The AFRO American Newspaper Co.

The Atlanta Voice

The Charlotte Post Publishing Company

The Guam Daily Post

The Florida Star

The Oklahoma Eagle

The Sacramento Observer

The Washington Informer Newspaper

Tiloben Publishing Co., Inc - The Seattle Medium

WURD Radio

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