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Amazing November Content for Local Advertisers

Dear Partners:

One of the best times to work with brands who want their name next to quality content is the holiday season. Thankfully, November affords plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Not only is it a month with five Mondays—meaning 10 extra articles across our 10 collections—but it’s also chock full of the exact kind of content those brands are looking for.

Several collections, including Active Aging, Healthy Living, Home Sweet Home, Go Green, The Entertainer, Parenting Today, and Women’s Wellness, have holiday-focused articles on tap. Topics include volunteering, destressing during the busy season, Thanksgiving crafting and decor, healthy recipe swaps and baking, and how to host the perfect Thanksgiving dinners for friends and family alike.

The sky’s the limit with the brands that you can approach with opportunities to sponsor that content—grocery stores, big-box retailers, furniture stores, hospitals and wellness centers, eco-friendly-focused companies, fitness centers, home improvement, wine and liquor...the list goes on and on!

For the banks and credit unions, there’s also great content on tap. Life insurance, cutting down on monthly bills, credit card rewards, and debt consolidation are just the kinds of topics they’ll be looking to sponsor.

As winter comes to many parts of the country, utility companies and home service providers will like the guides we put together for fireplace care and how to find the perfect snowblower. Plus, automotive service chains and vehicle insurance providers have content that includes the dos and don’ts of dealing with a mechanic and ways to supercharge a ride.

Finally, there are our friends in cannabis. And what could be better than a cannabis gift guide, of course? That, plus deep dives into two popular strains and articles focused on medical marijuana are among the topics all the dispensaries, CPG brands, and accessory producers have to look forward to.

November and the holidays will be here before you know it, so don’t wait to start pitching potential sponsors.

And remember, you can also leverage our Custom Content 1, 2, 3 initiative to offer customized content to brands. Through this initiative, we can partner with brands to create entire series, as well as one-time articles, through a process that includes a dedicated content strategy call to determine the article theme and tone, an interview with a company expert to showcase their upcoming offerings, and a custom article or series that includes two rounds of revisions per article.

With all these amazing opportunities, there’s no limit to the number of sales you can make! Happy selling!

Caitlin Hendee

Director of Editorial The Branded Content Project

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