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A guide of sponsors to target this September

September brings the unofficial start to autumn, when scorching summer days end with cooler evenings, and the changing leaves draw individuals, families, and seniors outdoors.

That’s the September focus across our 10 content series—to guide consumers on how they can enjoy all the things the end of summer and beginning of fall offer.

For example, our popular Active Aging series includes articles focused on how seniors can take care of their mental wellness and also get outside to take advantage of the crisp autumn weather. And both Healthy Living and Women’s Wellness include recipe roundups that make the most of seasonal produce. Sponsors like hospitals, senior living facilities, gyms, wellness centers and health food companies are potentials here!

Plus, September and October are excellent times to travel for those looking for cheaper prices and fewer crowds. That’s why September content in our Travel Time collection includes a roundup of the best places to travel this time of year and other fun articles like best travel gadgets and a guide to visiting South Africa. Airlines, travel agencies, hotels, booking sites and airports are all looking to get their name behind engaging travel-themed content just like this.

The travel fun doesn’t stop with Travel Time, either. Parenting Today includes a guide to the best spots for leaf-peeping in the U.S., and Cannabis Weekly has a roundup of lounges where you can consume marijuana legally throughout the U.S.! Dispensaries for the cannabis articles and grocery stores or big-box retailers for parenting are perfect targets for sponsorship of this kind of content.

Back-to-school is also an excellent time to start thinking about how you and your family can be more environmentally friendly. The Go Green series includes articles like how to be eco-friendly pet parents and recycle electronics, and Home Sweet Home offers advice on how to make the switch to solar energy. If you haven’t contacted you local utility provider about sponsoring Meta Branded Content Project series like Go Green and Home Sweet Home, now is the time!

And finally, inflation is at peak levels, meaning financial security is top of mind for many American families. Our Finances FYI delivers exactly the kind of content they’re looking for, including a guide to treasury inflation-protected securities and how much to save each paycheck for retirement—plus tips focused on long-term strategies around general index fund investments. Banks, credit unions, financial advisors and even credit card companies are solid places to start when it comes to our Finances FYI series.

Whether your potential sponsors are looking for lighter content like travel guides, recipes, crafting or fitness ideas, or more serious content like converting to an eco-friendly lifestyle or tips to manage the skyrocketing prices, we have you covered! Don’t wait to talk to brands about these exciting opportunities to sponsor engaging, high-quality content that will connect them with the consumers they’re trying to reach. The sooner you get started, the better!

Happy selling!

Caitlin Hendee

Director of Editorial The Meta Branded Content Project

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