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Guest Post: The hero's journey - a formula to increase revenue for local media outlets

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The Branded Content Project is accepting guest post submissions from content marketing and sales experts in the industry. This post is by Ariel Giusti, CEO of KREALANDIA.


“People will forget what you said or did but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou.

Imagine the following scene:

You are standing at the edge of a jungle.

On the other side of the jungle is something you really, really want.

• It's the life you want

• Or the house you dream of buying

• Or the job you dream of having

• The love of your life

• The health you want

• The business you want

Whatever it is, it's there – on the other side of this jungle in front of you. As long as you can get through this jungle safely, you can have it.

But there is a problem. You've got to get through the jungle first! You don't know the jungle, you don't know the way through, you don't know if there is a path to follow, or if you are going to get lost. Or ever find your way out. Or if you are going to get attacked. Or eaten.

That's scary and you are going to be feeling very reluctant to take those first few steps and enter that jungle. You are going to feel ill-equipped and full of self-doubt, wondering if you have what it takes to do this. Right?

Then imagine that, as you are standing there, questioning whether you'll ever get to where you want to be, someone appears at your side. Someone who, clearly, is from around these parts. They are dressed in suitable jungle attire. They have got the backpack, compass and map, they've got bottles of water and proper equipment. They look fully equipped and totally in the right place. And they speak to you.

How are you going to feel? Relieved, right? Immensely, hugely relieved. Hopeful. Optimistic. Happy. Excited to get going. You would feel incredibly grateful that the exact help that you needed has shown up, at the exact time you needed it.

That's the story news publishers should tell for their advertisers. You want to position the advertiser as the guide who appears in the life of consumers just at the time they need the most. The advertiser solves problems, provides solutions, guides the consumer through their buying journey.

The problem is the majority of advertisers’ campaigns do not connect emotionally with consumers because they focus on a product or service and not on emotions.

Yet research shows emotions are what drive buying decisions.

That's why the answer is to help news publishers use a storytelling framework to create advertising campaigns that connect emotionally with consumers. The “Hero's Journey” formula puts the consumer as the hero of the story and the advertiser as the guide who assists them in solving their problems and achieving what they want.

How do we help our advertisers become guides? We have to help them become storytellers.

Here's how, in simple 3 steps:

  1. SELL: Build attractive advertising and content packages based on a storytelling strategy.

  2. DELIVER: Create the advertiser's brand story that you produce and publish it in your platforms.

  3. SCALE: The model is easily replicated and therefore scalable.

Not only does this achieve the goal, it increases advertiser's satisfaction.


Need more help creating a Hero’s Journey for your advertisers? Schedule a 30 minutes Discovery Meeting with Ariel Giusti here.

Ariel Giusti is the CEO of KREALANDIA, the leading experts in helping news publishers use storytelling to increase revenue and advertiser satisfaction. He will help you create, sell and deliver captivating storytelling campaigns for your advertisers.

Contact info:


Cell phone: +34 666 713 241

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