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Fall in love with our February content

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Dear Partners:

This year promises to be an exciting one, with plenty of opportunities to sell prospective clients on the many pieces of content we love to create here at The Meta Branded Content Project.

February’s content is no exception, with a wide range of articles covering the exact topics local advertisers are looking to get behind.

Valentine’s Day is always a huge marketing opportunity. Show your advertisers love by presenting them with articles that include things like how to create homemade valentines, laughter-inducing cannabis strains couples can share together, and creative date night ideas for seniors.

It’s exactly the kind of content big-box retailers, supermarkets, home decor and craft stores, dispensaries, and retirement communities are looking to sponsor.

They’re also looking for many of the other pieces of content coming your way in February. Some of my favorites include:

  • Reach Your Daily Step Goals with These 5 Walking Routines (Active Aging)

    • For your health and fitness centers, senior living facilities, and hospital advertisers

  • Improve Your Work at Home Experience with These Office Upgrades (Home Sweet Home)

    • For your home improvement stores, furniture stores, and craft and decor stores

  • How to Host a Memorable Murder Mystery Party (The Entertainer)

    • For your big-box retailers, supermarkets, and wine & liquor stores

  • Why and How You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes (Women’s Wellness)

    • For your skincare companies, wellness centers, and beauty brands

  • 6 Cannabis Growers on Instagram Worth Following (Cannabis Weekly)

    • For your cannabis brands and local dispensaries

I also want to highlight one series that may be overlooked but actually provides an incredible amount of essential content that publishers often don’t have the resources to cover: automotive.

Our Car Care series does just that, providing important information on topics that include DIY projects, common maintenance guides, after-market insights, and lifestyle content. For example, February’s lineup includes:

  • Frequent Winter Car Issues and How to Avoid Them

  • 10 Simple Accessories to Keep Your Car Clean

  • Every Vehicle Safety Kit Needs These Essential Winter Items

Not only does this content fill a coverage gap, but it also gives you an excellent reason to approach prospective advertisers like auto dealerships, service chains, and insurance providers.

As we enter 2022, use it as an opportunity to think outside the box. Consider avenues you’ve never considered before, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Plus, as always, The Meta Branded Content Project team is here to help guide you, providing sales support and resources, as well as custom content creation and training. We can’t wait to keep the momentum going all year long!

Happy selling!

Caitlin Hendee

Director of Editorial Distributed Media Lab

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