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Check out our 2023 sales products (cash incentives!) and get on the path to new revenue

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

We learned so much in 2022; most importantly, that content marketing is an effective form of advertising for brands and is a lucrative way for local media outlets to create recurring revenue streams for long-term success. Our research this year with Borrell Associates projected that small and medium businesses would spend $80 billion on content marketing this year. We expect that number to climb next year.

We are eager to jump into 2023 by helping our members grow audience and advertisers with our sales programs and trainings. Read on below to learn about some of our new ideas we are implementing in the new year. Click here for our full offerings!

Is there a bigger motivator than extra cash in your pocket? In 2023, Distributed Media Lab is offering cash incentives for sales reps who cement six to 12-month branded content campaigns with our lifestyle and custom series options!

Sell a 12-month series (Home Sweet Home, Finances FYI, Cannabis Weekly, etc.) and get paid $250. Sell a custom package that is six months long, and you'll get paid $500. Finally, sell a 6-month $2,500 programmatic campaign and be rewarded $1,000! We hope these cash incentives will spur competition and help you close large campaigns for the year. Click here for details!

Every single business has a story to tell, and they can share that through custom content which will engage their customers and your audience. Custom content offers brands the opportunity to stand out from their competitors by informing, educating and engaging with your audience. We offer three custom content plans, from single articles to full content series. Learn more here.

Our research with Borrell Associates confirmed what we've been hearing from local media companies over the last year, that video options are crucial for local advertisers. We have partnered with VIDEOBOLT.COM to offer two pathways to video success. All ten of our lifestyle series can be easily made into videos and scaled for your organization through a simple online order form.

In addition, we can turn any text into a short featured video with VIDEOBOLT.COM's impressive AI script writing technology. Take your client's origin story, daily specials, newest home listing or favorite products into a quick video built for sharing though e-newsletters, social media or across your networks. The best part? It is totally affordable and easy.

Businesses are turning to corporate social responsibility to give back to their community, highlight what they're passionate about and to build a positive image that connects with consumers. By using publishers' highly engaged audiences, VOMO gives sponsors the platform they need to show what they care about.

VOMO, a leading technology provider in volunteer management, engages audiences to donate or volunteer to local nonprofits while showcasing local sponsors’ philanthropic causes, making communities better and brighter.

The Meta Branded Content Project is offering a tiered pricing offering through its partnership with VOMO, creating an accessible and affordable turnkey cause marketing solution for media organizations.

The Storyteller Solution produces instant ad revenue by providing sales team training and advertiser acquisition via virtual business webinars, led by Mike Blinder, of Editor & Publisher Magazine, that showcase the power of storytelling and the effectiveness of content marketing strategies with examples and up-to-date statistics.

After hosting a Storyteller Solution virtual event in August, Pamplin Media Group, a Portland, OR area newspaper group, generated $210,000 in new revenue in just a few weeks. We are offering this opportunity to anyone who wants to reestablish the importance of branded content with local advertisers.

In addition to our 2023 sales offerings, the Meta Branded Content Project will continue to provide high-quality sales training opportunities, bootcamps, webinars and workshops. Stay tuned as we rollout additional opportunities in the new year!


The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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