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Branded Buzz: SMBs to increase content marketing spending

In this week's Branded Buzz, we point out some great new research from Borrell Associates, which shows that small and medium local businesses are planning to increase spending on content marketing this year.

According to a survey of more than 2,800 local advertisers across the country, 37% planned to increase spending on content marketing, just behind increases in social media (47%), SEM (44%), and streaming video (41%).

Corey Elliott, Executive Vice President of Local Market Intelligence for Borrell Associates, says that there's an investment that wants to be made in content marketing among local advertisers.

"There's interest in telling a story, but they don't know exactly where to go," he said.

Which is where local media companies come into play. With your brand-safe, trusted audiences on your owned and operated channels, you have the ability to create highly-engaging custom content or sponsored series AND the distribution channels advertisers seek.

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