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Branded Buzz: Adding Promotions

This week's Branded Buzz focuses on the value of using promotions in your branded content strategy with tips from Liz Huff, director of customer success at Upland Second Street.

Liz offers her three ways that promotions are crucial to your branded content strategy:

1 - Promotions Drive the Results Your Advertisers Want. Whether this is their first dive into branded content or not, advertisers are ultimately looking for you to bring them results they can use. Promotions are optimized for lead-generation. With a registration form, you can take a sample piece of content and make it something that delivers results and at the same time give your user an interactive and meaningful brand experience.

2 - Promotions Enhance Your Storytelling. While revenue is good, your storytelling is what keeps audiences coming back to your site. If you’re creating written or on-air content, a promotion is an excellent way to make your branded content campaign an interactive experience that will drive your audience to take action.

3 - Promotions Create Standalone Content. While promotions can be a way to elevate existing content pieces, the benefit of quizzes, photo contests, and ballots is they can stand alone as their own branded content experience. Promotions are engaging content experiences that users interact with eagerly. While your competitors may be writing another article or presenting another on-air feature, a promotion allows you to tell the client’s story in a unique, interactive way, setting your client’s company a step above your competition.

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