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All the ways to earn more revenue through branded content

As we countdown the days to the new year, we're also counting down five ways we can help your media outlet grow revenue into 2023 and beyond through branded content sales!

The Meta Branded Content Project is dedicated to providing resources and tools to help all kinds of media outlets advance their content sales strategies. Read on for five ways to get involved.

Our ten turnkey branded content lifestyle series are designed for publisher partners and retailed to brand clients as exclusive sponsor opportunities. Our series cover popular topics that are easy to get sponsored by local advertisers.

Financial FYI, Home Sweet Home, Cannabis Weekly, and Travel Time are some of the series you can put on your websites today. Each series includes weekly articles that fall into four content categories designed to meet the needs of advertisers while also engaging audiences. All of our current series have moved to a monthly series fee. There is no risk and never a cost to you until you sell the series! Read more about our series here and then download the series in the DML Marketplace.

Ensuring local sales teams have the best tools to go out and sell branded content campaigns is one of our main goals at the Meta Branded Content Project. We offer a variety of training opportunities for anyone who wants to take advantage of them.

The Branded Badge Certificate Program educates and informs individuals on successfully creating, selling and implementing a branded content strategy within your local media organization. This free online video curriculum awards users a branded badge and sales certificate upon completion.

Our Big Branded Calls are our monthly webinars that feature branded content success stories and experts in the local media landscape. Everyone is welcome to join and can sign up here.

Once a quarter we hold sales bootcamps, which consist of 4 weeks of intensive training around branded content sales strategy. The bootcamps are free and easy to join and offer a collaborative environment, great networking opportunities and access to our turnkey series. Stay involved to learn about upcoming bootcamps.

We also are happy to do one-on-one sales training for your sales staff and teams.

Understanding how other media organizations have found success with branded content and then relaying that information to the local news industry is another priority of the Meta Branded Content Project. Through case studies, we share success stories to inspire others to follow a similar path.

We've been fortunate to fund two content marketing research studies from Borrell Associates that show which industries are spending money on branded content. This research can guide your sales team to approach the local advertisers that would be a good fit for sponsored content.

The Branded Buzz is our weekly e-newsletter that is full of sales tips, tricks and strategy videos. We also use this space to share with our subscribers all of the happenings including upcoming webinars, sales bootcamps, and other opportunities to collaborate. Sign up for the Branded Buzz here.

Finally, we hope you will get involved in some way like the other 200 media organizations that have worked with the Meta Branded Content Project. Whether it's through one of our sales bootcamps, the Branded Buzz, or selling our lifestyle series and opening the door to new revenue, we are here to help your organization find a successful branded content sales strategy.


The Meta Branded Content Project is designed through a strategic partnership between the Meta Journalism Project, Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium to help facilitate additional growth, engagement, and revenue success for more publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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